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Osselin info Sheet *closed species* by LimeLineFeather Osselin info Sheet *closed species* by LimeLineFeather
These creatures are called Osselins. They are closed species, meaning that you can't make one by yourself.

I did one info of them but it didn't include much information about them. And still this doesn't include much pictures or text... ^^'

*edit* I found a paper from exactly a year ago when I first doodled about these! It includes majority of the info found in the deviation. :D

Sorry for possible typos!

Please read for more information if you are interested! :) (Smile)

Info about them:
- The dots over their eyes are like eyebrows. They move with the expression
- Long tail and small paws gives balance on tree branches
- Colors: most common colors are black and white
Different fur colors: white, creme, light brown, light grey...
Color of markings: black, blue, green, red... not too bright colors.
Tummy is white or at least very light color. Some individuals can have solid fur color
- Tail fluff and back of the ears are the color of choice. Horns are always black.
- Note that these are very small fellas. :3

Behavior and habitat:
- If raised since an Osselin is a cub it will get marked to one person and serve as an excellent company for the rest of its life. That's why they are very popular among people who live and travel alone. (Also people who has insect problems...)
- They are very curios and loves to explore its surroundings

- Only rare Osselins have horns.
- Horns cannot be very big, otherwise they will get stuck on branches when they move on trees
- The pattern/markings design can be changed. There is a couple of different pattern choices. Ask away!

Common Osselin 100 Points
Uncommon Osselin 150 Points
Rare Osselin 200 Points

Note me if this possibly got you interested. :) (Smile)
Include details in your commission info and please send clear reference images if you want different horns or pattern of fur, please. :3
Ask if unsure! :D (Big Grin)

It would be much appreciated if you are part of my group if you decide to purchase one... :3 :iconbeastport: Thank you! Hug

Osselins by (c) LimeLineFeather

Lei-Mizuhime's Osselin
KitsuMiro's Osselin
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